We are not of the same world …


A comedy by Brigitte MASSIOT

Directed by Olivier MACÉ


Xavier Berlioz as Adhemar,


Brigitte Massiot as Leopoldina.

Misunderstandings, twists, slamming dialogs and emotions, here is what makes this a delightful comedy..

She is married with 3 children, shy. She does not know why she is there, why she has to do this and yet, it is as if it was the last train that she could take.

She knocks at the door of this man that she met on “try_me_you_wont_regret_it.com”. She is carrying a bottle of wine.

He is a person with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, aloof, who is expecting anything but a woman knocking on his door: he has not left his home for the last fifteen years, and does not allow anyone to enter. There was just a stand-up, with a false address given on the dating site, and these two came face to face on either side of a door.

Two characters who are total opposites, the clash of two worlds, the virtual and the real one, lead to an explosive result.

DSC_0436Adhémar & Léopoldine





IMG_3228froggies are climbing the ladder….supposed to be sunny tomorow


















the dream team men strengthening their posture












Jeannie LONGO or Bree the world biking champion







Philippe our director, Xavier my accomplice and Olivier our stage director. In full work stress.


Mister Cotton learning stardom ropes









Xavier Berlioz









Leopoldine….or is it me ?

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