Widow, The manual


                                                              ” WIDOW, THE MANUAL”

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Q – How did you get the idea for this book?

B – I do not know. Patrick Modiano wrote a sentence that completely translates the sensation I had at the time when I started writing this book.

*”There are mysterious beings – always the same ones- who stand as sentinels at each crossroad of our life”

Q – Have you met these mysterious beings?

B – In a way, not necessarily the same ones, but ephemeral encounters with people you will never see anymore, with whom you discuss like that and who trigger something in you… I do not know if they are mysterious, but what they create in me is.

Q – Why did you write this book?

B- To mourn, to talk about him, to help myself, to give, to help others, to share, to exchange, to create.

Q – To create what?

B -A thread, a little something with people going through this ordeal who may sometimes feel very alone, misunderstood and too often stuck by the tons of issues they have to deal with.

Q – And?

B- I sat in front of my computer, I wrote the title “WIDOW, THE MANUAL ” and I went on and on, I was ready.

Q – Why an avatar?

B – I very much wanted that, it was necessary to complete the whole project. Without the drawings I had the impression that it was  “un- successful”. But there was an important condition in my mind: the person who was going to author these drawings had to be touched by the text. A true complicity was essential.

Q – And obviously you found it?

B – Yes! His name is Jeremy, he is talented, he has a high sensitivity and we are fully connected. A great buddy.

Q – Even Mr. Cotton has its avatar?

B – Mr. Cotton is a must.

Q – We laugh a lot. This is not the first reaction that is expected when we read about this kind of topic.

B – My own way to tell death “I am not afraid!”.

Q – There is a lot of love, humor, derision, but never any pathos.

B – People have enough to deal with already with their own grief. I lightly walk in heavy shoes.

Q -There is a very strong connection created with your reader throughout your book. After I finished reading it, I thought: “I want to know what she will become”. Will there be a sequel?

B – A sequel…this is not the correct term, but another book, yes.

Q – What would you say to convince people to buy your book?

B – Trying me is adopting me, a real addiction!


*villa triste Patrick Modiano (1975)

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