Mood note, February 1, 2016


IMG_2548                                                                     The masked avenger!

On Facebook from time to time there are people who post pictures with comments such as:

If you do not share this photo ….

You lack courage

You’re a piece of shit …

or you’re racist,

or homophobic,

or a coward,

or a fascist …

or you not like children, dogs, old people

If you do not share you will get a shower of issues…

In short, the threat looms, we are exhorted to do tricks, widgets, take part under penalty of receiving a returning boomerang in the head ….

So since it’s fashionable, I’m going to do that too.

If you do not come and read my blog, the masked avenger will tickle your feet while you sleep …

Ah ah ah ah

Isn’t life wonderful ?!


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