mood note, January 11 , 2016


radio W

                                                                  Breakfast….and the beast.

Before starting the day, I sit myself, hold a coffee and… no one dare talking to me…do NOT ask me any questions…leave me alone… I am slowly emerging.

When the kids were little, I would get up between 5 and 6 AM to get a “buffer time” that guaranteed my legendary good mood to my close family for the whole day.

Since you do not change a winning team, I still go through this security routine before starting my day, accompanied by my breakfast friend: the radio.

At home I listen to music from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep at night, but during breakfast I need my radio time, … well I should say I needed … .because I am so tired of it these days…

Are you following me ? here is a little guide:

Bree or B … that would be me,

Radio or R …it is my breakfast friend

For sound effects I do what I can below, so please put your imagination to work…

Bree: rhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh -coffee machine noise-

Radio: I love my region, how can we accept that my coastline could disappear, please make a DONATION to SOS coastline …

B– rhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – coffee machine noise, again

R- stroke, breast cancer, heart disease, why choose where your disease donation should go to? Make a lifetime donation to…… that way you will not have to choose!

B- ah yeah it would be a pity -shhhhhhhhaaaash (buttering my toast) – well ok I will take all three then –schkling ! – do you do wholesale prices? -sckroumffff Schroumfff – toast being eaten

R- Childhood cancer is the most … Please DONATE to …… institute.

B –gllllgllllglllll- (drinking my coffee …)

R – Shingles, how did this happen to you … well … blah … one morning …blablah… does it hurt? Oh yes….

B – crooofff crooofff crooofffff – peeling an apple- weird, they are not asking any money for Shingles…Ok..

R – You are lucky to live with your family, your children are in good health, but anything can happen to you, anytime, one morning you wake up and … .DONATE …

B – It all ends with a passage by a girl who speaks super fast, that’s funny !!!! Or not … she has a weird sense of humor or maybe I do not understand it, that must be age related….when she stops I’m still trying to get her first sentence… I have not digested the rest ….

In short, in less than half an hour, I received more deadly pieces of information than my mind can absorb, more donation requests than my wallet can afford (and I’m not even in the subway!!) and more forecast about my future – that looks terrible -than my body can endure … after that, one will wonder why the French are champion consumers of anti-depression drugs, duh.. why….? I wonder !!

If anyone is looking for me, tell them you do not know where I am ……



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