Yes I can write, I can be funny, fashionable and oh ma… postmenopausal !


After a gestation period of several months inside my head, this blog was born just a few weeks ago.

It is now part of a family including 3 children, Fanny, Alix, Louis, with a precious addition, Thomas, a dog (Mr Cotton) and me, Mrs Bree.

I imagined this blog, I searched for its name, its life path, I wanted to give it the best assets, cajole it, make it grow a bit before submitting it to you.

It is ready! It is now entering the whole wide Web.

Obviously, like everything alive, it will evolve. It will have its own personality, its qualities and flaws, its tone and style, its way of life.

It will have friends, opponents, people who like it and who will adopt it as a life companion; and others who will reject it. That is life!

This blog will not try to please everyone. That is not its goal.

What is its goal?

To invite you into my world, my little domain, to share life moments and to tell you about my vital preference: writing.

Writing is my passion, my work, my purpose, and also my past, my present, my future.

Without writing, I lose my skills, my enthusiasm, my curiosity, my interest, my view of the world, my power. Writing is my personal « Evinrude » *, it is what keeps me going, what helps me hold on and quite simply…live.

I hope that we will share a long virtual walk together on this blog. Below please find a few notes on its sections.

If you'll follow me ... let’s enter this blog.

On Mondays, mood notes.

Small reflections about life and day-to-day events, I will share my thoughts without second thoughts, even if no one asked me to.

On Wednesdays, « Adventure-us» A mix of news from the family, including Mr Cotton and about my travels, my friends, my recipes and photos, my outings, favorite places and stores. In short, you will meet me.

On Fridays, Bree and a few words

My work, my projects, my written pieces.

Once a month, a short video

A short moment in Mrs Bree’s life.

Well, now you know almost everything.

Welcome to my blog ! I hope you will spend quality time with BREE & CO

Isn’t life wonderful?!

*Evinrude : outboard motors

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